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Industrial Park in Zambrów

Industrial Park - a real estate, an area of land with buildings and infrastructure, set aside by local authorities for business activity on favorable conditions.


The making of Industrial Park in Zambrów

The main idea behind creating an Industrial Park in Zambrów was to improve conditions of economic activity (especially technical infrastructure) for local companies. Its creation led to favorable conditions for establishing new businesses and for development of the already existing ones, which would decide to move there. This investment has initiated and facilitated development of entrepreneurship - which has led to enhancing small and medium businesses in Zambrów.
The estate was closed for a few years and was not used which led to its gradual deterioration. Therefore, it was necessary to start its conversion and refurnishing as soon as possible to make it suitable for business activities. A 4 ha (10 acres) of its grounds and a large 22.000 m2 (236 806 ft2) hall had to be redeveloped. Realization of this project made possible to create good conditions for establishing new businesses and for enhancing the development of companies which had already operated in the town. Thus the project shall initiate and boost development of local entrepreneurship by enhancing growth of small and medium businesses in Zambrów. The investment park has also made Zambrów an attractive target of investment.

Successful realization of this project has resulted in the following benefits:
- creation of favorable conditions for development of at least 10 companies which will take advantage of the business premises on offer,
- creation of favorable conditions for setting up 4 new companies - as the project is likely to become an incubator for newcomers in business,
- gaining at least 2 businesses that use advanced, innovative technologies,
- increase of income to the city's budget - up to 260.000 PLN per year,
- creation of new seasonal jobs at the companies who participate in the project (20 positions).

In addition realization of this project has resulted in the following unmeasurable benefits:
- unification of urban development thanks to redevelopment of 4 ha (10 acres) of municipal grounds,
- increase in the city's investment appeal,
- improvement in the standard of living in and around Zambrów,
- opening up equal professional chances for women and men through favoring businesses that employ women,
- increase in purchasing power of money on a local scale,
- increase in turnover of local companies.

On the 28th of February 2007 a project financing commitment was signed (Project Z/2.20/1/1.1.1 /91/ U/5/07 - Redevelopment and construction of traffic system in the center of Zambrów, stage 2, a part of IROP's Priority l. Development and modernization of the infrastructure to enhance the competitiveness of regions). This project is partially financed by the EU funds. The total value is 4.176.976 PLN, of which 2.807.907 PLN is covered by European Regional Development Fund, 935.969 PLN is the city's own contribution, and 433.100 PLN is unqualified expenses.
Realization of the project is to be undertaken in years 2005-2007. the project concerns redevelopment of the existing traffic infrastructure and construction of new traffic routes in the center of Zambrów. The area in question includes such streets as: Piłsudskiego, Białostocka, Paderewskiego, Kościuszki, Świętokrzyska, Sadowa, Wilsona, Plac Sikorskiego, Podedwornego, and Sportowa.

The strategic purpose of this project is to create favorable conditions for economic and social development It is to be obtained through the following partial aims:
- improvement of transit and local transport by reducing the time enroute,
- improvement in road safety,
- increase in the city's investment appeal.

The project is going to result in a new, more efficient, better designed roadway network in Zambrów, which will remove heavy traffic from the narrow streets in the center of the town to a more convenient road that meets required parameters.

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